About Us

Wouldn't it be great if all web sites were this honest about their true ability (or intention) to deliver as promised? But they're not. As such, the majority of on-line buyers are still nervous about ordering something they can't see from someone they don't know and can't decide whether to trust. Continued proliferation of e-commerce will require global standards of conduct, which, like the Internet itself, transcend geographic and political borders. In the absence of tangible contact, on-line buyers need a new way to evaluate the reliability of on-line sellers, and on-line sellers need a means to convey their credibility to potential customers. Enter WebAssured.com& .

WebAssured is uniquely applying Internet technology to solve this dilemma. Our Seal of Assurance allows ALL trustworthy web sites to compete on a level playing field, regardless of whether they have a widely recognized brand name. The Seal at the same time protects on-line buyers, and enables trustworthy on-line sellers. We have established the Universal Standard of Ethics by which the global Internet community expects on-line businesses to operate, and we allow the community to directly monitor and enforce adherence to those standards through the application of what we call "pressure through publicity".

Our new ShopAssured browser plug-in puts the power of our collective business reliability intelligence directly into a user's web browser, so a leap of faith is no longer required to make a purchase. At the instant a web-site is loaded, ShopAssured users know whether the site can be trusted to deliver as promised. And with the ShopAssured tool bar (which is FREE by the way) users are never more than a click away from telling the whole world about problems - or successes - with a particular web-site. As the power of ShopAssured pervades the Internet, merchants will increasingly have no choice but to elevate their standards of performance, because if they don't, the whole World will know about it!!!