Member Cost membership is sold in time denominations ranging from one to three years. After registration, members receive a certification seal for display on their website that incorporates the date through which membership has been issued. Longer commitments yield significant cost savings, and the date on a merchant's seal provides customers with increased confidence in the sincerity of this commitment.

Membership Dues Schedule:
    Represents cost per year
Three-Year Membership
Annual Base fee $80 $70 $60
Variable rate per million* $100 $90 $80

Minimum fee: $180

* the Variable portion of membership dues is based on a merchant's annual e-commerce revenue, rounded to the next highest million.

For example, a merchant with less than $1 million in revenues will pay only $180 for a one year membership (or $140 per year if a three year membership is purchased).

A merchant with between $8 and $9 million in revenues will pay $980 for a one year membership (or $780 per year if a three year membership is purchased).

A word about our membership dues:

Because is a system of unbiased self-regulation, it is supported not by taxpayers, advertisers, or special interests, but by members of the Internet commerce community. The dues members pay enable this unique platform for regulation of the Internet, by the Internet, and for the Internet. By paying their dues, members not only demonstrate their commitment to treating customers fairly, but to the support of a free-market system of regulation that benefits the entire on-line community. Accordingly, dues vary based on members' ability to contribute to this system, with smaller companies paying only a nominal fee while larger companies share more of the cost.