Standard of Ethics

The Internet is by nature distributed and unregulated. While this represents its greatest asset, it also eliminates many of the tangible cues to a merchant's credibility, which are present in the physical world. In the spirit of replacing these lost "consumer comfort factors" without the need for further governmental intervention, we voluntarily commit to follow this Universal Standard of Ethics when transacting business on the Internet.

As reputable members of the global Internet commerce community, we hereby agree:

Section I : Ethics

  • to deliver what we promise and promise only what we can deliver.
  • to deal honestly and fairly with customers.
  • to accurately represent who we are and what we do.
  • to fulfill all warranty claims within a reasonable period of time.
  • to avoid promulgation of abusive or degrading material.

    Section II : Complaints

  • to promptly respond to all customer complaints.
  • to employ our best efforts to fairly resolve all legitimate complaints in a timely fashion.

    Section III : Advertising

  • to ensure to the best of our ability that no documents containing false statements are distributed on-line.
  • to include appropriate meta-tags in our web site to assure content-disclosure.
  • to promptly substantiate any statements or advertised claims upon request.
  • to employ the greatest of care, consideration, and courtesy when undertaking unsolicited electronic advertising.

    Section IV : Disclosure

  • to disclose basic features and benefits of a product, service or contract in language that is easily understood by the consumer.
  • to disclose all terms, conditions, financial and contractual obligations applicable to the transaction including warranties, returns and refunds.
  • to provide consumers with access to financial records of their transactions.
  • to disclose the price, type of currency and all fees, surcharges, and shipping costs associated with a particular transaction.
  • to disclose availability of goods and services, timing of billing, and realistic shipping expectations.

    Section V : Adherence to laws

  • to abide by all laws of any federal body which has governing jurisdiction in the locale in which our business is chartered, incorporated, and/or registered.

    Section VI : Privacy

  • to implement a privacy policy which embodies principles of fair information practices approved by the government and prominent industry organizations. These principles include:

    1. balancing the goals of your individual Web site with consumer anxiety over sharing personal information online,
    2. posting notice and disclosure of practices regarding collection and use of personal information (data which can be used to identify, contact, or locate a person),
    3. giving users choice and consent over how their personal information is used and shared,
    4. employing appropriate data security, quality, and access measures to safeguard, update, and correct personal information
    5. disclosing whether the server used is secure and, if not, undertaking prudent accepted measures to minimize any risk of fraud resulting from credit card number transfer.