On Behalf of Internet Shoppers Worldwide
Drafted and Presented by WebAssured In the Year 2000


It is the right of all online shoppers and merchants to virtually assemble for the purpose of exchanging goods and services online.

It is the right of all online shoppers to be able to shop at well-regulated e-stores that provide clear and easy access to accurate merchant, product and transaction information.


It is the right of all online shoppers to be confident that the privacy of their personal and transactional data is never utilized in any manner that is not fully disclosed to and authorized by them.

It is the right of all online shoppers to rely upon the expertise and "Seal of Approval" of a trusted, reliable and proven third party that ensures the validity, authenticity and integrity of an e-store.

It is the right of all online shoppers to enjoy to an efficient and secure purchase transaction.

It is the right of all online shoppers to exercise their right of consent before receiving unsolicited communications from an e-merchant.

It is the right of all online shoppers to enjoy responsive and reliable customer service that results in a rewarding shopping experience.

It is the right of all online shoppers, in instances of e-commerce dissatisfaction, to have access to timely, fair and affordable dispute resolution and redress, either through internal e-store mechanisms or via a reliable third party.

It is the right of all online shoppers to be assured that an e-merchant shall abide by all consumer protection laws and that where no laws exist, the e-merchant shall apply the utmost integrity to self-regulation that is in keeping with the best interests of the consumer.

The enumeration of these rights herein shall not be construed to deny or disparage any other rights retained by consumers to fully enjoy a positive and productive shopping experience.

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Tips for Online Shopper

According to eMarketer there are 54 million Americans who are active Internet users and 31 percent of them make purchases online. There are many reasons why so many people choose to shop online...to avoid crowded roads and stores, to save money and time, and to have access to just the right blend of price, selection and service are among the top reasons given. It is predicted that more people will make purchases online this holiday season than ever before. Many, new to the world of e-commerce, will be equipped to enjoy a happy and productive Internet buying experience if they are aware of a few simple - but important - "rules." Click here for tips courtesy of WebAssured (www.webassured.com) that will help ensure a safe and savvy cyber shopping experience for all.

The Dot.Confidence Company

WebAssured is the world's first and most comprehensive online merchant certification and dispute resolution service. Since 1995, we've been successfully increasing confidence in dot-com purchasing through merchant certification, consumer advocacy, dispute resolution and money-back purchase guarantees. WebAssured merchants agree to and must honor the highest standards for online privacy, security, integrity and customer satisfaction.

When you buy from a WebAssured merchant, you buy from a business that:

  • Delivers what they promise and promises only what they can deliver.
  • Deals honestly and fairly with customers.
  • Accurately represents themselves and what they sell.
  • Promptly responds to and resolves customer complaints.
  • Clearly discloses all policies, fees, terms and conditions associated with your purchase.
  • Honors your request regarding collection and use of your private information.
  • Takes appropriate measures to ensure the security of your transaction and financial data.
  • Is insured by our money-back guarantee.

If you've had a problem with any online purchase, we invite you to fill out a free complaint form at www.webassured.com. To date, this dispute resolution system has successfully resolved over 95% of complaints filed against member web sites, and 79% of complaints against non-members.

For more information on how WebAssured can help you enjoy a safe, rewarding shopping experience, check out these links: